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    What methods are people using to keep screen alive without killing battery

    Yes, because in OLED screens each pixel is like a light bulb, when it shows black the light bulb is off. While in LCD screens the pixels are like holes with variable aperture that let more or less light through, which is produced by LEDs that are always on when the screen is active (very trivial...
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    What methods are people using to keep screen alive without killing battery

    If you have the OLED display ok, but if it's LCD the battery consumption doesn't decrease even if the image is black. If you want to keep your phone unlocked, you can use the Secure Settings action but it requires an external app and the device rooted
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    Disable/enable trigger and action

    You can add constraints on triggers and actions; as a constraint you can use the state of boolean variables (global if you need to control them from other macros) that you will have to set according to your criteria Edit Quote fixed
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    Sending \n in POST request

    You can submit your request here, it looks interesting
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    how to keep a bluetooth speaker awake always.

    T=Regular interval xx* min A=Play "file.mp3"** [audio stream=media/music] C= Bluetooth connected [your speaker] And Music not playing * xx=speaker timeout - 1 minute ** 1 second or less audio file with low volume
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    MD will not open now.

    Before importing macros deactivate MacroDroid and before activating it check that there are no macros with dead-end loops
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    Stop macro after trigger once

    Try this (23:00=11:00PM)
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    Best Macro to prevent SMS Delays?

    Are you sure airplane mode is on? Because I really don't understand how SMSs arrive with the cell radio off. PS Sorry for the OT...
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    System app

    First of all, thanks for the replies ;) In the previous post I was not clear, I explain why I asked. I currently have a rooted Android 9 phone without having a problem with MacroDroid, but it's time to change it and I bought a new phone with Android 12. Here on the forum there are several...
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    System app

    Hello everybody ;) I have the rooted phone and some tools that can set any app as a system app (and vice versa). I ask if it can bring improvements or problems transforming MacroDroid as a system app
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    Watch 4 connected, ringer and notification volume dow

    Post a screenshot of your macro, we have more chances to understand why it doesn't work
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    Notification volume not changing

    If you mean that the speech volume is low, you need to check which audio channel you have selected for speech output and increase it in the macro. Remember that once the macro is finished, the volume level remains the same as defined in the action Edit I replied at the same time of @johoho ...
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    Set a delay between macros

    You can use 2 different waits based on the trigger, e.g. T1=X T2=Y A IF trigger X wait before next action 5 sec A Else wait before next action 10 sec A End if [enter the wait values that suit your needs]
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    Anti delete history

    The link is broken