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    MD will not open now.

    If AutoBackup is working, the macro can be rescued by copying the .mdr.
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    Accessing IMEI Number with MacroDroid

    When using ADB Shell [Tasker Plugin], you must first connect to the PC and enter the adb command adb tcpip 5555 this command is valid until the device is rebooted.
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    Accessing IMEI Number with MacroDroid

    The code is from the internet, but we have confirmed that it works with the following devices. If there are IMEI1 and IMEI2, only IMEI1 is displayed. Xiaomi / Redmi 9T / Android 10 --- OK Xiaomi / Redmi Note 9S / Android 11 --- OK OPPO / A54 5G / Android 11 --- OK Xiaomi / Redmi Note 11 /...
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    ANDROID 13

    At least in the following environments, mobile data on/off worked on Android 13. Google Pixel 5a / Android 13 / MacroDroid v5.28.8
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    Macro fire twice

    I set the counter and sent a message, but the counter was only +1. It may depend on the OS version or model.
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    Macro fire twice

    I tested the auto-response of Telegram with Notification Listener and it did not fire twice in my environment. OPPO Reno5 A / Android 12 Google Pixel 5a / Android 13
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    Accessing IMEI Number with MacroDroid

    The IMEI can be obtained by the following command in ADB Shell [Tasker Plugin]. service call iphonesubinfo 4 | cut -c 52-66 | tr -d '.[:space:]' Since the output includes characters other than IMEI, it is necessary to extract them using regular expressions, etc.
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    Troubles with mobile data toggle - basic solutions do not work

    I don't have a tutorial, but I will upload a macro, and if you read the information in this thread carefully, you should be able to get it to work. I have tested it on Pixel 5a Android 13, so I think it will work on Pixel 6 as well.
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    Arguments with "Ok Google, run macro in macrodroid"

    This is not a direct answer, but why not use Intent to tell Tasker what it can do and MacroDroid can't, and have MacroDroid receive the results? Not a good way to do it, but I think it is feasible.
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    Extracting Code from Notification Text

    Since you are the only one who knows the contents of the notice, the respondent has no way to verify it. Remember that a regex cannot give you an exact answer unless you know the before and after of the string you want to extract. Please do not write anything more as this is a pointless exchange.
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    Extracting Code from Notification Text

    Without the actual content of the notice, it would be impossible to test it reliably, so there is no way to do so. I don't think you need to dig deeper since it seems to have resolved itself already.
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    Split String to Array Using a Blank Delimiter

    @Endercraft method is nice and easy.
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    Split String to Array Using a Blank Delimiter

    I added delimiters with a shell script. How about something like this?
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    Macrodroid don't open

    If AutoBackup is working, the macro can be rescued by copying the .mdr.
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    Extracting Code from Notification Text

    It seems to be self-resolving, but I think this regex can be extracted as well.
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    どうやらシステム設定の[System]pointer_locationのようですね。 私はシステム設定の変化を調べる時はAutomateのSettings finderを使用しています。
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    If you search for Tecno W1 Magisk, you will get a lot of hits, and if you don't understand after reading them, you should give up. I am not sure if this model can bootloader unlock, but I think you can find the information easily.
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    The user Duke was stealing the app this whole time.

    I think you made a good decision. I too wondered about the frequency of @Duke's questions. Eventually the questions started coming in Conversations and I was wondering if I should continue to answer his bloated requests. I will be careful about exploiting good intentions in the future.
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    Present DNS provider

    It's hard to tell because it's a host name, but how about something like this?
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    Can't set dns to auto

    Yes, I am verifying with a Xiaomi device. I know @DuKe's device from our previous exchange, so I'm verifying with something close. I'm setting up the table with reference to the DNS changer macro in the template store, and in the case of MIUI, the setting value seems to be opportunistic instead...