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    Gamer's Companion Macros

    Thinking very generally about ways macros can be created as conveniences for gamers. There's what I've made, what I might make, and what gamers might want. Also interested in what macros are already out there. Off the top of my head: floating buttons that appear to remind you about...
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    T: Wi-Fi disconnect, A: Force Location Update. Why?

    A popular macro I've seen is T: Wi-Fi disconnect, A: turn off Wi-Fi. The reason makes sense but there's an obvious problem. I do it differently. The title of this post is essentially the whole trigger & action set. To expand on that... Trigger: disconnected from any Wi-Fi network...
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    Ways To Modify Only Part of a String?

    Seeking most efficient way to switch just part of a sentence, most likely verbs. A variable will either get passed in or set to match triggers with text. Examples are "turn off computer," "turn off tablet," or "turn off Nintendo Switch," etc. Alternatively, they'll be "open bedroom window,"...
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    Onyx Boox Nova3 Color! Okay for running macros?

    Just got one of these beauties! Is it indeed the first consumer E Ink device in color? Wasn't too hard to get the Google Play Store up and running on it. I searched and saw that MD can be installed. But should I? My inkling is I've kinda gotta baby this thing. It does a lot of...