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    S22 Ultra Prox Sensor Does Not Trigger

    It might be that the Proxmity Sensor only works when a call is active:
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    Macrodroid restarts after every Send Email action

    Ever since I received MacroDroid v5.36.8 Pro, every time the Send Email action is used, the email sends correctly, but MacroDroid then stops and reinitialises. Is anyone else having the same issue? Samsung S21FE on Android 12
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    Send sms after missed call

    Oh I just saw Endercraft gave a similar solution in your post in another thread
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    Send sms after missed call

    In your macro define a local string variable eg sList which is initially empty When a missed call comes in, check if sList contains the number; if it does, quit the macro; if it doesn't, send the SMS and append the number to the list, followed by some sort of delimiter eg '!!' eg...
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    Notification variables aren't working in Display Notification or Send SMS since last update

    Guess what? The problem came back for me too today- I suspect this is a MacroDroid bug, but I'll test it again tomorrow...
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    Notification variables aren't working in Display Notification or Send SMS since last update

    This was happening to me too; in the course of trying to figure out why, I created a new test macro with Notification Received as the Trigger. It seemed to work, so I was still puzzled. Then I went back to the original macro, and that suddenly started working again too. I've no idea why, but...
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    Sms received issues

    Using Google Messages, the Notification Title ie {not_title} should be the sender; if the sender is in your contacts you'll get the name rather than the number though
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    "Application Closed" trigger does not work as expectet

    The logic in the macro isn't right: the second IF statement will never be true because you only have one trigger (Application Launched)- you probably want a second trigger, Application Closed...
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    Open multiple links using a specific browser

    If you just want to open a Website in the default browser, you don't need to use an Intent, there's an Open Website action...
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    Variables doesn't work in define manually dialog

    Do any arithmetic on the required index *before* trying to use it eg the following will display the last element of the array: Set Variable: n: (size=array_variable) - 1 Popup Message {lv=array_variable[{lv=n}]} Is that what you mean?
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    User log, how to make a carriage return in 'Log Event' ?

    At its simplest you can create an Action Block something like this (if you only have one log file, you don't need the sLogFilename Input Variable): where the Write To File Action is something like this (you need to give Macrodroid Write permission to the folder): Then, when you want to log...
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    User log, how to make a carriage return in 'Log Event' ?

    True, though any decent File Manager should let you create a shortcut on your Home Screen direct to the file
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    User log, how to make a carriage return in 'Log Event' ?

    Instead of the User Log, you coud just use the Write To File action to write to your own log file- this does write strings containing newlines in the expected order. If you put all the filename handling and Write To File actions in an Action Block then you have a single action alternative to...
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    Show Action Block Input/Output Variables in sorted order when configuring

    Currently, when configuring a call to an Action Block, the Input and Output Variables are shown in created order- could we have them in alphanumeric order, the same as shown in the actual Action Block? Thanks
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    Forwarding SMS to All *Except* 1 Number

    Try something like this. As Jacob says above, use the three dots to get the 'magic text' values like {sms_number}. You can use either the Send SMS or the Forward SMS actions:
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    Array indexing with variable counter

    Try Set Variable: run_app_name: {v=app_name[{v=n}]} run_app_name: {v=app_name[{iterator_array_index}]}
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    Forwarding SMS to All *Except* 1 Number

    When the macro is triggered by an incoming SMS, assign the {sms_number} to a variable eg sFrom, then either use an If statement or a Constraint to only forward the message if sFrom != the specific number
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    Bug? Can't use {iterator_value} when configuring If condition

    When I'm using the Iterate Array action, and configuring an If condition within it, {iterator_value} isn't allowed in Expression comparisons- is this a bug? I've tried both square and curly brackets. Instead I have to assign {iterator_value} to a local variable and use that in the comparison
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    What's the purpose of the Variable option in If condition?

    When configuring an If condition there's an option to specify a comparison with a Variable, yet all the variables are available from the Expression magic text, so I'm just wondering why's there this extra option?
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    Arrays with Action Blocks: weird bug?

    Oh wow, I never noticed that function before, and it works a treat, and so much simpler too- many thanks! I still believe there's a bug in Action Blocks when doing it my original way though- I'll report it through the app. Thanks guys!...