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  1. Zhikes Tynine

    Macro Pull Request

    Just like the feature of github, macrodroid has a big community and it's much nice if I can help or anyone can help to a macro that has an issue.
  2. Zhikes Tynine

    Screen "image" trigger

    You mean if the image exist in the screen a certain action will be executed?
  3. Zhikes Tynine

    Macro Bounties

    This could be possible if you pay someone to do so, or just ask for help and learn at the same time, you should go to help/troubleshooting and create a thread
  4. Zhikes Tynine

    Media - play/stop sound action

    The " file - read from file " action has this feature to read a dynamic file name, please add it to " Media - play/stop sound " action so we can play audio files dynamically
  5. Zhikes Tynine

    Http request

    Please add the option to save the redirect URL to a variable
  6. Zhikes Tynine

    Open file action

    So I was trying to use this action to install an apk thru package installer but nothing happens, my guess is macrodroid needs to have that permission to install unknown apps
  7. Zhikes Tynine

    Paid macros

    Well maybe some rich peeps will give away their paid api since they r rich
  8. Zhikes Tynine

    Paid macros

    It's the right time for the macro developers ( people who create macro that are being posted in template section ) to implement a payment method for their hard worked macro, if it is also possible it'll be nice to use a crypto payment ( preferably those gasless tokens or just create a virtual...
  9. Zhikes Tynine

    Http Request's Save response to a file

    Yes, they are receiving that prompt in notification, but some people just ignore it. Idk the term but can it be something like a text box where we can just type '/sdcard/dir/' or '/storage/emulated/0/dir/'
  10. Zhikes Tynine

    Http Request's Save response to a file

    So there's this error when someone uses my macro whenever that macro runs it pops up a notification containing "write to file action failed, please configure..." Something like this, when in my usage it works fine, i even added a shell script to create the file destination but still same result...
  11. Zhikes Tynine

    Thread deletion

    Why isn't there a way to delete a thread?
  12. Zhikes Tynine

    Action " File to Variable "

    Can you close this thread? Thanks in advance
  13. Zhikes Tynine

    Action " File to Variable "

    Oh nvm, I just have to update the app in the latest ver it got read file, thanks
  14. Zhikes Tynine

    Action " File to Variable "

    It doesn't save all of the data as well, specially if it has a lot of data
  15. Zhikes Tynine

    Action " File to Variable "

    The HTML get still can't store some website's full data so it'd be nice if this feature will be brought in macrodroid instead. What do I mean by file to variable: An action to store a file's data ( .html, .txt, .xml, etc. ) to a local or global variable.
  16. Zhikes Tynine

    Unlock Screen Macro

    With the latest macrodroid it's quite hard
  17. Zhikes Tynine

    Unlock Screen Macro

    I'm not active here anymore so pardon me for late reply, apparently I don't have any macro like this and I tried to configure one but always got wrong coordination, so I can't create and share anything for you but you can refer to rawa's instructions
  18. Zhikes Tynine

    File Malware Scanner (W.I.P)

    Here's the link to the latest one:
  19. Zhikes Tynine

    Http Get broken?

    So yeah I'm trying to find an alternative way to achieve something like this function and it's pretty hard, but can this be fixed? The problem is whenever I use this and save it inside a var it saves not even half of the entire source code