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    HTTP POST Request Bug?

    I was making a macro to do some API requests for a game I play and I keep having issues Whenever I use GET requests everything seems to work fine, I have what I need in the query parameters and I get the responses back properly, but when I switch to a POST request I'm getting an error saying the...
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    Share last Photo via MMS

    Ability to share the last saved photo via SMS, as we have Twitter and Email options
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    Capture intent received

    I'm 100% for this!
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    Share Last Photo through Messaging App

    Just the default Messaging app through MMS is what I'm trying to achieve I don't want to have any interaction or have it interfere in anyway My macro runs everyday at 3pm and sometimes I'm using my device and sometimes not, I just wanted to have it automatically send the photo when it saves as...
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    Share Last Photo through Messaging App

    Hello! I am trying to see if something is possible, and if so could someine help me achieve it! I have posted on Reddit, and in mutiple MacroDroid groups and no one will help me one way or another, so maybe just maybe someone will tell me how, or if not explain why I can't. Because so far I've...
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    Device Locked Trigger

    We have a Device Unlocked/Screen Unlocked trigger, and I feel we should have a Device Locked/Screen Locked trigger While yes we have a Screen Off trigger sometimes it fires when I don't want because I have Macros that use the device locking as a trigger, and I'd like something that is more...
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    Export System/User Log

    Awesome! Thank you so much, it is extremely appreciated :)
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    Export System/User Log

    I'm trying to make a regular interval system log export to a file on device, yes
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    Export System/User Log

    You can manually export the system and user logs of MacroDroid easily into HTML or txt, or send them as an attachment to an email but I can't find a way to automatically export without having them as an email attachment So frustrating
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    Export System/User Log

    Is there a way to export the system/user log regularly without sending it as an email attachment? I want to have it regularly exporting every hour or so
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    Export System Log

    Is there any way to export your system log regularly without sending an email and having it as an attachment? I'd like to have it writing to a file preferably, a new one every insert amount of time Thank you!
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    Actions to Export System/User Log

    I think it would be nice and helpful to be able to have an action to export your system and user logs - I have a macro emailing myself with the log attached, but that turns into a lot of emails - I like to keep track of many things and logging is one of my favourite things I can do with...