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    Suggestions about macro editor...

    In the normal screen, a long press on an action opens the edit screen, but not in the action block. The operation may need to be unified.
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    @harshit The more you advertise, the lower your rating will be.
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    How can I set the x and y coordinates of a string variable?

    You might be able to tell by looking at the settings of this macro.
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    Send Intent Failed

    On Stack Overflow, ACTION_CLOSE_SYSTEM_DIALOGS is for system apps and preinstalled apps. It says that signature permission is required. It is virtually impossible for ordinary people to obtain signature permission from Google.
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    Send Intent Failed

    This constant was deprecated in API level 31.
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    Take and Email Multiple Pictures

    It's difficult to detect whether a specified number of photos have been taken, so I'm sorry that I can't do it the same way as with the iPhone.
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    Web scraping (translate a Python script in Macrodroid)

    I think it is possible to some extent by UI Interaction, but it may not work depending on the coding of the website or application.
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    Web scraping (translate a Python script in Macrodroid)

    It seems possible to install Selenium on Termux, but I haven't tried it. Since this topic is not really related to MacroDroid, it would be better to ask in the appropriate forum.
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    Take and Email Multiple Pictures

    I didn't explain it well enough, you have to take a picture first and then run the macro. On Android 14, the plugin does not work properly and will not attach.
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    Take and Email Multiple Pictures

    You can attach multiple photos by using the MailTask plugin. If you set the email address in the local variables from and to and run it, an email will be sent.
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    WiFi - confirmation dialogue

    I think the confirmation dialog is a device dependent issue, regardless of whether it is MIUI or HyperOS. If you are using a device that displays a confirmation dialog, please use adb.
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    Maybe two problems in one…

    There is a guide using Shizuku and aShell. Please refer to it if you like.
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    Installing helper on Android 14+

    @Sentinel65 You do not have to post the same content twice. Use Edit.
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    xDrip+ blood glucose notification as Galaxy Watch complication?

    Unfortunately, I haven't found a solution and am using Tasker.
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    xDrip+ blood glucose notification as Galaxy Watch complication?

    In my experience, AutoWear rarely works properly with MacroDroid. AutoWear is designed to execute TaskerCommand, and MacroDroid cannot interpret this command.
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    Open a folder?

    The OP is talking about the launcher icon folder, which is completely different from the storage folder. As @LinerSeven wrote, there is no activity to manipulate the launcher icon.
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    Text editing

    If you can solve this on your own, that would be fine. I don't know what kind of strings you want to manipulate, so others cannot help you.
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    Text editing

    If you have a sample of the original text and a sample of the text you want to extract, it may be possible with regular expressions.
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    weather API

    I could only briefly verify this due to lack of time, but it certainly seems to be behaving strangely. Please submit a bug report with a sample macro that can reproduce it for sure.
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    How block phone calls from a group of Google contacts?

    If you use Google Contact labels to separate groups, you can branch processing by specifying the group in the Call Incoming trigger. The image is a simple example, but by changing the If condition, you can create a macro that suits your purpose.