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    Android 13 will break the logcat trigger and clipboard trigger

    This is a warning to any users who are thinking of upgrading to Android 13 in the near future the the Logcat trigger and clipboard trigger (which relies on reading the logcat logs) will no longer work. This issue effects all apps and is very well summarised by the Tasker developer here: It...
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    Upgrade without Google Play?

    You need to contact me at to discuss. I cannot put any info in the app about alternative payments as it will get pulled from the Play Store (I know this for a fact as it happened a few years back!)
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    Last updated macro information

    I don't currently store this data for each macro so it would need to be added. I will add to my TODO list for consideration.
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    HTTP Request successful true/false

    The response code is the result of the request. Any value in the 200s means that the call succeeded. In the vast majority of cases the value will be exactly 200.
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    Notification edition

    It is true that a notification cannot be edited, only removed and replaced with alternative text.
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    Speed up macro editor

    Unfortunately when originally making MacroDroid I never anticipated the enormous size of Macros that some users would create and therefore the performance on such macros is far from optimal. I would strongly recommend breaking up very large macros into separate action blocks where possible as...
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    Dictionaries output with TTS

    Actually I am happy to change it to an equals if that would make more sense? What do people think?
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    Specific calendar event not firing

    Are you sure both the tile and description have Test in them. Maybe just try matching the title?
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    Bluetooth problem

    I don't know about RealMe devices but Xiaomi devices do have a setting somewhere like apps -> permission -> other permissions - MacorDroid where you can change the option for bluetooth to not prompt. Huawei devices do not have a way to disable it. If you don't see any equivalent setting for...
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    Get link

    Can you clarify the exact process you want to follow as it's not entirely clear.
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    How do I make my MACRO work on a smartphone that does not have macrodroid installed?

    I'm not really sure what this question even means.
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    "Macrodroid isn't responding"

    The most likely culprit for these kind of freezes would be the read screen contents trigger and UI Interaction actions. Accessibility service functionality can sometimes cause these kind of hangs where the system seems to get stuck.
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    Cannot change volume: "set volume failed - the macro was null"

    Looking at the code, I think this error message is coming out when it really shouldn't be (ie. when the macro is not null it can still be printed). Can you please use report a bug in troubleshooting on this macro and I will try and rectify whatever is going on here.
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    Text manipulation

    Try this: Actions -> Text Manipulation: Source = input variable, string delimiter is \n and save to an array (called splitInput) Set Variable (Integer): prefixNumber = {iterator_array_index} + 1 Set Variable: StrOutput = <blank> Iterate Dictionary/Array (splitInput) Set Variable...
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    Feasibility of writing a statement downloader and printer

    Personally I wouldn't recommend using any app to access your bank account in this way. It would be unwise to expose banking credentials to any app in this way. While it may be technically possible using a series of UI Interaction actions I think it would be very unwise to do it.
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    date modification

    Sorry but I'm afraid it's not possible to modify the system date on a non-rooted device. I think it should be possible using the shell script action with the rooted option, using a command like: adb shell "date `date +%m%d%H%M%Y.%S`"
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    New user. Paste action isn't working.

    This thread is now out of date, but if you want to store text in a variable then just use the set variable action.
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    On holiday until August 15th

    Hi all, I'm back and ready to dive into more MacroDroid. I'm going to be playing catchup for a short while but I'm eager to get working again on the next update and fixing issues!
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    開発者からのメモ (A note from the developer)

    Hi all, Firstly thanks for being a valued member of the Japanese MacroDroid community, I greatly appreciate the large number of Japanese MacroDroid users and the community that has formed. Unfortunately there is an obvious language barrier that prevents much direct interaction and support...
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    On holiday until August 15th

    Just to let everyone know I will be taking a couple of weeks holiday until August 15th. During this time I will not be able to look on the forum and I will be mostly unable to respond to emails and bug reports (However I will read all correspondence and respond to important issues when I can or...