Action works in Macro but not Action Block


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Hi, I've got a Macro that I'm working on but when I move an action from it an Action Block, it no longer works.
The action in question sums up the values in a dictionary which is a global variable:
I do this by passing that dictionary to an action block called "SumDictionary" which is attached. The output of that summing is put into an integer value in a dictionary which is a local variable:
Calling the "SumDictionary" Action Block works fine from the Macro. However, when I call the "Sumdictionary" Action Block from an Action Block, it doesn't work and I can't figure out why. I've exported the Macro and Action Block and compared the JSON of the action and the local variables. The actions that call the "SumDictionary" action block are identical (except for the "m_SIGUID" number which I think is always unique?). The local variables "Duration" are almost identical except for these differences:
The initial values are because those were the last values used in testing. The Macro still works if I revert those to 0. I'm not sure about the "parentKeys" present in the Action Block. I'm also not sure about the "isActionBlockWorkingVar" property, but I guess that's always true for local variables in an Action Block as opposed to a Macro?

The global variable "Exercises" looks like this:
I've attached the (working) Macro and (not working) Action Block. With each, there are disabled actions that can be ignored, and there are subsequent actions that can also be ignored. So with both, it is the first enabled action that should be the same and should be working in both. In both, that action is followed by a popup message which displays the result.

Any help as to why it works in one context and not the other would be greatly appreciated!


P.S Many thanks for such an endlessly useful app!


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Bump. Anyone any ideas? The TL;DR; of the above is:
"SumDictionary.ablock" is called from "Log_Sit_Upds_2.macro" and "Log_Excercise.ablock". When called from the macro, it works fine, but when called from the action block, it doesn't. I can't see any reason why.