"AscHexChrUTF8" Action block converter


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This "AscHexChrUTF8" Action block makes various conversions between CHAR, Ascii, hexadecimal and UTF-8.

When entering:
• Chr: (1-character long string) you'll get its Ascii code
• Hex: (2-character long string, from 20 to FF) you'll get corresponding string character
• UTF8: (string of the form =HH...=HH, where HH are Hex numbers) you'll get decoded UTF-8 string
• Asc: (with 32 ≤ integer ≤ 255) you'll get corresponding character

💡 Hint: if Hex begins with hash sign (#) followed by any number of hexadecimal characters (0 to 9 and A to F), you'll get the decimal value of this hexadecimal number.

ℹ️ If you happen to enter several values among these 4 input variables, the conversion will be made in the following order (first correct value met):
Chr → Hex → UTF8 → Asc

ℹ️ Letters (A to F) for hexadecimal numbers are case INsensitive