Automate screen mirroring


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I am somewhat new to MacroDroid. I would like to set my phone to cast automatically to a display (using AnyCast) on a set schedule or other trigger. The trigger isn't a problem but I don't seem to find where I can create an Action or Script that will turn on screen mirroring/sharing on my Android phone. I would think this has been done already in MacroDroid but I have not found it. Manually I would go to Setting, Screen Sharing, and select the Anycast device listed. Anyone have this answer?


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Honestly, if you don't have a lot of experience, it would probably be easier to set up the macro to launch a screen carrying app, and then use ui interaction to go through everything needed. It's how i unlock my phone in a macro if the screen needs to be available for it to run.

Otherwise, you have to look into the API. Or if it's very basic, you could probably just try using the cast settings intent to pull that up and then use ui interaction to finish.