Creating Macros


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Hi I recently started using this program and I have been having trouble with a certain macro I created. Basically it goes "Screen On, Screen Lock Off, Wait 2 Seconds, UI Interaction Gesture" So basically I want the screen to turn on and the phone to unlock and then a gesture or "swipe" to get to the Home Screen but it doesn't seem like the gesture happens and the screen turns black which is confusing because I have the screen timeout settings at 5 minutes so why would the screen turn black before 5 minutes have passed? And it seems like it goes black right before the gesture happens which is annoying


I assume the trigger for your macro is screen on.
The screen Lock off action may not work, depends on version of Android and type of lock.
For later versions of Android, screen lock off won't work with fingerprint, face, pin or gestures - blame Google.
I believe the screen turns off because the phone has not been unlocked. The screen timeout setting only becomes active when the phone has been unlocked.
There may ways to do what you want, but need to know phone make & model, Android version installed and lock type used.