DO/WHILE & WHILE/DO action bug


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Dear Friends & Admin

The images attached here are demo.
The crux of the matter is that I have used do/while & while/do and both action doesn't work as expected.

Well, initiating the macro, it prompts to input any number between 1 to 9 and if I input 10, then as per logic do/while action should loop back to the prompt but its not...!
Its similar with the case of while/do action.

LOGIC is to accept restricted input at prompt, within the range from 1 to 9. That means If I input any number from 1 to 9, then it will accept and proceed to next action. And if I input any number exceeding the range 1 to 9 then it should revoke and loop back to prompt...but no its not..!

I have been using these actions extensively since 2..3 years or so & it was working fine until now.

This bug is confirmed by members of my 200+ whatsapp group, so..requesting to crosscheck practically recreating the macro..

Kindly suggest/guide me..

Regards & Thanks in advance


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@Primokorn I haven't removed any thread, I don't know what you are referring to. Please delete your posts from this thread and create a new one, as it's not ok to hijack an existing thread with an unrelated issue. If your thread gets remove again for any reason please direct message me and I will investigate.