Force Location not working on Huawei P20 Pro


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I added a task for enforcing a location update, but i always get the same position. I've done every setting I could find, do disable power saving and allow gps in background, but nothing helped. Other Apps like "Adidas Running" are working in Background with GPS with this settings correctly.

I think it's not related to power saving because the macro is getting fired and in the log you can see a https request to google maps.
But I don't get new positions and the LAT / LON variables stay the same all the time. Tested it with a push of this Variables to my Webserver.

What can I do to solve this issue an get position updates? (Is this a Bug on the App or on the Huawei OS.)

OS is Android with EMUI 10.


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Can you please use report a bug in troubleshooting for this action and include relevant macros, I think I'm going to need more diagnostics for this one.