Get and paste validation code by SMS


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When validating a remote internet transaction, this macro:
• extracts numeric code received by SMS
• fills in the input field at current cursor position
• copies code to clipboard in case automatic filling in has failed.

Code has to be 4 to 8 digits long, located anywhere in the SMS message, or with a "G**gle-like" syntax such as '999-999'


ℹ️ This is an update of a previous macro. Code recognition has been improved.


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Very strange: for me it works.

You also can get the macro in the MD store with id=15761 in the search field
Just, this link way's behavior depends on the browser (and its settings) so it can be expected that differences will happen.
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If links to macros fail:
1) Ensure that you open the links on a device that has MacroDroid installed.
2) Allow your browser to launch external apps (sometimes found in the browser's accessibility settings).
3) You can use the MacroDroid Forum tile on the home screen of MacroDroid, which should automatically handle the links.
4) Alternatively, you can open the MacroDroid store and search for id=xxxx where xxxx is the ID of the macro, found at the end of the link. In recent versions, you no longer need the id= when searching, you can just search the ID


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Thank you, I could get the macro with this information.
I turned On all these settings: Android's settings | App | MacroDroid | 'Set As default' | 'Supported web addresses':
They were all Off by default, at least it is the case on Samsung devices.