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Let's say I have a dictionary variable. The entries in the dictionary use boolean, like this:

abc | true
123 | false

In my macro, I have a local variable called "Local_Variable" and the value of this variable is "abc".

My goal here is to take the local variable and check against the dictionary and see if the key is matched. If matched, check if the key's boolean is true or not.

So basically, "Local_Variable" should match the "abc" key in the dictionary AND if the key is true, then that's great.

I'm able to match Local_Variable to "abc" key. However, I can't figure out how to match the boolean value itself. Does anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this?

My current ACTIONS setup looks like this:

1. Iterate dictionary/array
2. If Local_Variable contains [iterator_value]
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{iterator_value} contains the current dictionary entry's value. So, to display it, something like this:
Screenshot 2022-11-24 3.44.08 PM.png

If you want to use it in an IF statement (or constraint), I think you have to first assign it to a local variable, then use that variable.


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Ah yep, I've got it working!

I was trying to assign to a variable, but I had used a Boolean variable and turns out I need a String variable to accept the "boolean" iterator value.