If condition: Screen Content is X


New member
Simply put: a if condition that uses the same trigger logic of Screen Content. So I can have some sort of trigger then use the IF logic that certain text is matched on the screen.

My current (and cumbersome) workaround is to trigger a global boolean variable like:
  Trigger 1 - {this text} is on screen
  Trigger 2 - {this text} no off screen
  If Trigger 1 then
    {Global Variable} = True
  If Trigger 2 then
    {Global Variable} = False
and then I use the state of that {Global Variable} in my IF statement requiring at least 2 macros (doing this in one macro with the additional triggers, actions, and local variables was way too much to keep straight).

Hopefully this is something that can be implemented and easily done. Thanks in advance!


I don't understand why you're using the screen content trigger to change a global variable. You just need to add a Check Text On Screen action before the if statement. If your macro needs to be triggered when the text appears on the screen, simply using the screen content trigger is sufficient.