Live Syncing Windows 10 Chrome and Android Chrome Browser


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Dear MacroDroid Users
This is a tips i ve made between my computer.

1. Create a macrodroid variable with name MyCurrentWebPage

2. Create a new macro with a webhook trigger
As mentionned in the macrodroid hook editor you could add a field parameter at the end of the webhook like this:

3. I wrote a very simple custom javascript chrome extension for Windows (as i m not a extension writer ibwill not publish it to the chrome web store)
This extension grab the currentt tab webpage.
Thens it use a n XhttpRequest to send your webhook with the varibable MyCurrentWebpPage = current web pagef

3. Finally in Macrodroid when the macro is invoked then i open a web page with the variable MyCurrentWrebPage.

What happens next:

" If a webpage is open
-> then chrome in android open the same page
* If you watch a yputube video
-> then the youtube video will be opened on your phone
* If ypu are on gmail
-> then the gmail app will be opened

I hope it will help and give some ideas
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