MacroDroid pro free, donate to MacroDroid for free and make some free money

Jacob L

I know there are a lot of people who would be thrilled to have access to the full version of MacroDroid so that they can have more than 5 macros, an ad free experience and access to the cloud backup feature. I would like to demonstrate how I paid for MacroDroid (MD) effectively for free. It IS LEGAL as Jamie gets his money via in-app purchase at the end however, it wouldn't cost the user.

Firstly, opt into Google play points, it is a new scheme that is rolling out into multiple countries. The scheme gives you points which you can convert them into Google Play credit, which can be used for in-app purchases.
To do so, you will need the latest Google Play Store version. Open the play store and press the left hamburger menu:1613934333446.png then choose settings (you might need to scroll down the panel to see it): 1613934473768.png now scroll down and tap version: 1613934582554.png The latest version will install when it is ready, it is supposed to automatically in future.

Now go back to the play store's home page and press the hamburger menu button and select play points. It will get you to sign up to the scheme and it is well worth it.

After setup, you can press the points button again:1613935559814.png Scroll down the 'Use' tab, where you can download apps to get play points.

You can also get play points when you press the Perks button: you can get a free scratch-card for the points. Also you get points when you pay for apps with in-app purchases.

Another way to get Google play credit is to use Google opinion rewards app: They ask small questions ad you get money back, that's it.

In some cases, you cn use your phone contract to pay for apps and in-app purchases such as EE billing. You can get money back from shopping in store or online with Airtime Rewards:, which pays back your phone bill, which offsets the amount you paid for apps

There are other apps to get PayPal money, you can link PayPal with Google play store so you do not have to add your card directly.
Apps for free PP money that I use are:


There are others however, I did not want to make a huge post. If you want more info then please let me know