New And Possibly Interesting Image Detection App Called Macrorify


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This new app called Macrorify just popped up on my XDA feed. It seems to be for gaming use in the first instance but maybe some of the MacroDroid power users here could find it interesting and/or useful for other purposes. I don't have any affiliation with this app and I'm posting it just for information :)



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Opossite. As a MacroDroid user I hate this app. :mad::LOL: I would like it only if it has locale/tasker plugin or any other way of controlling it with MacroDroid. (Joking of course)
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I spotted it from Reddit yesterday, I even copied the link but didn't post because I didn't think MacroDroid users would appreciate that. I'm glad that people are reading around the subject and I hope MacroDroid adds these features soon. Lots of users are asking me for tutorials on this subject.


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If power users here think it might be useful maybe they could ask the developer to please add intents, etc, to make it controllable from MacroDroid and other such apps.

From reading the XDA thread it seemed that the developer was friendly and reasonable and could maybe be approached about this.

Nothing lost by asking the question, the worst he can say is no :)