New user. How to add an action that runs a Quick Settings button


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I just started using MacroDroid and love it.
I successfully added a macro to warn me when I get down to 20% battery.

Now I am trying to get the long press of volume up button to perform the Bitwarden Autofill action.
I have enabled this in ADB.
My macro works when I set the action to run Bitwarden.
But I don't want it to run Bitwarden. I want it to perform the Autofill action that happens when you open the Quick Settings panel and click on the Bitwarden Autofill button.

When I created the macro, I found these 3 Bitwarden options at:
Actions > Applications > Launch shortcut > Activities > Bitwarden
They were:
I tried all 3 of these and they all seemed to do the save thing, run Bitwarden.

I also realize that I can perform Nova Launcher tasks but I can't figure out how to add the Bitwarden Autofill there.

I am running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet running Android 11. I am using Nova Launcher.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi. MacroDroid unfortunately can't launch quick tiles directly. Autofill quick tile is actually service and if I try to launch it I got this message in logcat. It would just be too easy for apps to mess with your quick tiles without any permission and this permission can't be granted for MacroDroid now.

Permission Denial: Accessing service com.x8bit.bitwarden/.AutofillTileService from pid=27657, uid=10220 requires android.permission.BIND_QUICK_SETTINGS_TILE

I reccomend you to expand status bar with action and then use ui interaction to click on tile.

Sorry if this is confusing.

Also why you need to use MacroDroid to launch bitwarden autofill? It should show automatically when you are writing to some password field.


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I will investigate how to expand the status bar and use UI interaction to click on the tile. I just started to use MacroDroid yesterday. Do you have s any tips on how to do this?

Bitwarden Autofill works 100% of the time on my Mac but only works 90% of the time on my Android device. Hitting that Autofill button works for that other 10%.

Jacob L

When creating a macro, press the + that's on the blue and type expand. It shows an action that will expand the status bar. Then find UI interaction action by searching UI. Then you can choose detect app and follow the instructions