New user. Paste action isn't working.


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EDIT: I read on Google that clipboard access is restricted on Android 11. I just retested the Button Mapper app and the Paste action works in that app. Is there some permission I need to allow through ADB for MacroDroid?

I have defined an action to do a Paste from clipboard when long pressing the volume down button.
It doesn't work.

I know the trigger is working because I added an action to send a notification and that worked.
I also tried changing it from a Paste action to a Copy action and that didn't work either.
I changed the trigger to a floating button and that didn't help either.
I even changed it from a Paste from clipboard to just Paste the word Dog and that didn't help either.

I tried switching from Nova Launcher to One UI Home and that didn't help either.
I have turned off Button Mapper and Universal Copy. I don't know what other apps could be affecting this.
I have two other macros that I have created and they are working.
I used to have this macro defined in Button Mapper and it worked over there.

I entered the Paste action as follows:
Actions > Device Actions > UI Interaction > Paste > Clipboard Text

I am running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ running Android 11. I am using Nova Launcher.
I searched for this in this forum and in Google and couldn't find anything.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You cannot read the contents of the clipboard in Android 11 I'm afraid. The paste action should still work if you store the text in a variable and use the contents of the variable to paste.


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You can't paste content of clipboard with MacroDroid when MacroDroid is not in foreground. It does not have acces to clipboard than.