notification with light and sound options


in the notification action it should be possible to select
- if notification ight should blink too
- choose notification sound (or no sound at all)

the led and sound options for notifications are very basic and since early Android and you can even find these options in many other app settings (best example is if you go to facebook messenger settings where you can choose light on/off, sound on/off/<notification sound>)


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You can easily simulate notification sound by adding "play sound" action immidiately after notification action and choose "Notification" as audio stream.


hi, this is what I'm doing now :D (same idea)
but well it's not a clean thing because you hear two sounds,
and the light .. is impossible to simulate
(the light is "very important" so that if phone has screen off and you missed the notification - were away for sometime - then the light informs you that a notification is waiting)