NoxPlayer emulator

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NoxPlayer is an emulator which allows you to run Android apps and games on either PC or MAC. Download here:

After download and install, to get root press the cog at the top right corner: 1623227741893.png

Then a new window will appear, all you need to do is tick the root box and press save changes: 1623227826446.png
Of course, you can make other changes in here if you wish.

If you have performance problems, you may need to enable Virtual Machine enhancements from your BIOS which will vary per device, more info here:

To get apps from the Play store, press the tools folder and swipe it from right to left then you will see Play store


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My name is Chirs (nickname whriston) and I am an android developer who has tried using the Nox emulator on my mac, but I am not happy with the performance. As I tried to test my android apps on the Nox emulator, I ran into some difficulties. Does any Android app emulator work well enough to test apps?
Here's an article about the best Android emulators for Mac but I'm confused because I struggle to find content that meets my needs on the internet. There are 5 emulators listed in an article that is likely to suit me and my work, but I would like to know which is better for testing android apps rather than playing the games.
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Jacob L

Nice to meet you. I don't use a Mac however, my favourite emulator is LDPlayer which I believe isn't compatible with Mac. NoxPlayer is the second best emulator. Any emulator that allows gameplay allows you to use the apps you've created. Android studio emulator would be the very best but I've no idea if that works on Mac.

There may be an option to enable virtualisation in BIOS