Samsung RAM Plus - how to disable


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In 2021 Samsung introduced a feature called RAM plus which allocates phone memory to be used as RAM.
Unfortunately, RAM Plus can slowdown the phone and lead to performance issues.
To prevent this RAM Plus needs to be disabled. Unless your phone is on UI 5.0, the option is not available in the system settings. On UI 5.0 a 0 setting is available. However, on UI 4.0 it is possible to modify the system settings to include 0 via an adb hack.
The ADB hack is

settings put global ram_expand_size_list 0,1,2,4,6,8

The procedure is
Connect a PC and execute the above hack.
reset the phone
Go to settings select Device care & Battery, then select Memory and finally Ram Plus.
select the 0 option
reset the phone
With the 0 setting RAM Plus is disabled.

If you have a Samsung with RAM Plus, you probably haven't changed it from the default setting of 4GB.

I have just disabled RAM Plus on my S22 and it does feel a tad faster & smoother.

As I understand it RAM Plus doesn't work well with the Android memory manager. I don't need the extra RAM and not if it impacts performance.
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