Tasker received File Access permission


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That is extremely annoying and proof that the entire Play Store policies is inconsistent and unfair. It is ridiculous that two equivelant apps are treated differently. This is presumably because Tasker is more high profile than MacroDroid.

I can try and request access again but actually engaging in any dialog with a real human is extremely hard to do as it will most likely be a bot auto reject.


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Try anyway. I wonder if you could reach out to any of the Android related sites on the Web that may find it worth doing an article on.

Regards, John.


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Some thoughts.
We are over time loosing access to features in Android and that is in many ways unfortunate, however it is not the end of the world.
Even with the Android 11 and eventually Android 12 restrictions, MacroDroid is still entirely viable.
I would suggest that most users by far will still be able to get what they want from MacroDroid with it's unparalleled power to ease of use ratio.

Regards, John