Trigger: Timer triggered by sms, missed call.


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Proposal for improvement of the trigger with time interval, e.g. cyclic picture taking.

Currently the time interval can be set only locally and improvement would be possibility to trigger time interval also by sms, missed call.

Currently, only one photo can be triggered by a text message or a missed call, but the time interval cannot be started.

It would be best to send the taken photo via MMS.
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possibility to trigger time interval also by sms, missed call

Feels like you still doesn't completely know how triggers in MacroDroid work, or I just can't understand you. SMS or missed call are a separate triggers, which can work on themselves. Your posts doesn't make much sense. Please be more clear and descriptive about what you exactly want.


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I am thinking of situations, when the trigger will be e.g. an sms or a missed call or other triggering event and the effect of triggering will be e.g. taking a series of photos with setting their frequency. For example, take a series of x photos every y time. The appropriate settings in the options of this action would be set by the user beforehand. Example action: take a series of 15 photos with an interval of 30 seconds.
If the application would send these photos as MMS, email, FTP it would be great and exactly what I want.


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The fixed interval is just a local trigger, I mean the situation when the time interval is an action not a trigger and the trigger is just an sms, missed call or other. I would like this time interval to take a series of photos and then send the photos as MMS, which is currently not possible. In the current situation of the current possibilities of the application I cannot configure this properly even without MMS.


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Thanks Qarboz (and others) for help.

Something like this / similar is what I'm after. Action repetition, pauses and looping should meet the script functionality I need. The important thing is that it works as needed. I will test your idea, maybe a little modified according to the needs, but in general it seems that this is it. I am just getting acquainted with the application, but its capabilities are amazing. However, only practice will allow to get the most out of it (advanced applications).

The application is developing all the time thanks to the developers, users and your community involved in it.

Thanks for help, support.

Best regards.