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Version 5.29 (November/December 2022)

Added support for template store subscriptions on macro/users to get notified on updates (pro users only).

Added JSON Output action.

Added Set Digital Assistant action.

Airplane mode action can now work with ADB hack (no requirement to make MacroDroid the default digital assistant).

Activity Recognition trigger now supports less than comparison for detecting when an activity ends.

Screen Content trigger now has an adjustable update rate.

Added support to port a Webhook Trigger device id to a new device.

Floating Text action now supports left, center and right alignment.

Fixed issue where all day events on the calendar could trigger incorrectly due to daylight savings times.

Fixed issue where trigger specific values (e.g. incoming call number) would not function after a wait before next trigger action.

Fixed issue where decimal numbers in dialogs could be shown incorrectly as links.

Fixed issue where action block would not run in some situations when the uncategorized category was disabled.


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Fixed issue with text manipulation not working with non dictionary/array variables.
Fixed issue with set volume action not working when using variable as key name for dictionary/array
Now correctly shows referenced macros in global variable screens where variables are used in dictionary keys
Now correctly renames variables in dictionary keys when converted from global to local macros

Arm64 APK should work for most modern devices:

The universal APK is a larger download but should work on all devices.
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