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Version 5.42 (March 2024)

Added Animation Overlay action.

Added Array Manipulation action.

Added Check Pixel Colour action (Android 11+).

Added Check Text in Screenshot action (Android 11+).

Added Display Density action (ADB Hack or root required).

Updated Take ScreenShot action to add option to capture screenshot without any UI (Android 11+).

Updated JavaScript action to include support for the Rhino engine.

Floating Button trigger now supports setting text instead of an image.

Font Scale action now supports a maximum of 250% (up from 150%).

Added endless loop option (until break) to Repeat Actions action.

Added Regex support to Call based triggers.

Added support for Block Touches action to block only a part of the screen.

Added country code magic text.

Fixed issue where toggling a trigger between enabled/disabled could get into a broken state.

Fixed issue where the Mucis playing trigger could not be edited once created.

Fixed issue where Authenticate User action would not display a prompt on some Android 14 devices.


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Added Read Screenshot Contents action.
Fixed issue where troubleshooting section would show warning about helper file optimization when it's not even installed.
Fixed issue where dictionary copy would not work correctly when using a variable key.
Fixed issue where testing an action block would not work correctly in some scenarios.
Other minor fixes.

Arm64 APK should work for most modern devices:

The universal APK is a larger download but should work on all devices.
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