Volume control on Apple AirPods 2


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I tried to achieve volume control on my AirPods 2 without any luck so far. The idea is to play pause with the right pod and raise volume on duplicated event in a short period of time, skip track with the left pod and lower volume on duplicate event in a short period of time. The default behaviour for my pods are skip and play/pause since I set it up on my dad's iPhone.

My first approach was to override the media button behaviour with media button v2 macro but it only captured the "Play" event and ignored all the other media events from my pods.

The second approach was to listen to spotify broadcast events such when a song starts to play and if there are 2 Spotify play events in a short period of time 0-250ms for example, then raise the volume and if the period is slower like 250-500ms then lower the volume. Do nothing if the period between events are more than 500ms. This could work because I managed to capture the play events but it was beyond my knowledge to code the timing part.

Can anyone help me to achieve this goal?