Widget automation


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I don't know whether this is at all feasible, or practical, but let's give it a go and see .....

I have an android app that I use for notification control, and the app has a widget that can be switched on/off, for example you may not want notifications whilst watching a film etc.

Would it be possible to automate the control of the widget with a variable timer, so for example, you manually use the widget to stop notifications, then some sort of countdown timer takes over, with options of for example, 30, 60, 90, 120 minute options, after which time it automatically switches the widget back on.

If this would be possible, it would prevent the notification widget being left off, of course the other option would be to have a countdown app with a notification reminder to do something.

Thanks for any advice.

Jacob L

Does the app appear in the launch shortcut action in MacroDroid?
If not, why not use MacroDroid to toggle Do not disturb mode to suppress notifications?