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Edit global system settings [SOLVED]*

Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a macro that will overwrite a global system table setting.
GPUTUNER_SWITCH is set to false by default and revert to this parameter at every reboot, even if it works when I modify it with another app, which needed the same adb hack WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS as macrodroid app.

The macro will be activated at every phone boot, but it turns out that it doesn't work as expected..

Any suggestions from you?
Thanks in advance.

*Edit: solved.
Macrodroid helper autostart option was disabled. Enabled it everything works fine
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Hello, I have a problem with Shell Script, with the "tail -1" function.
The resulting variable is the filename followed by "permission denied".
I checked the permissions and turned everything on.
I noticed that miui, however, allows access only to multimedia files, I had proof of this by changing the extension of the .CSV file to .JPG.
With the file in .jpg extension the "tail -1" function works perfectly.

Is there a way to allow macrodroid to interact with .csv files?

The phone I use is a note 10 pro, miui global 13.0.16
Check the "Use Helper App" checkbox.


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Na tel. Redmi note 10s jsem vytvořil makro, když se zapne rádio v autě a poté se spojí s bluetooth s mob.tak by se mělo vypnout WiFi a naopak. Chtělo to pom.aplikaci tak jsem ji nainstaloval a vše povolil. Po připojení k rádiu mi vyskočí hláška a musím stejně potvrdit ručně. Co dělám špatně a poradí někdo jak to zprovoznit? Hlavně mi tu nepište proč vypínám WiFi😂


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The problem with the confirmation dialog will be resolved in a new helper under development.
Please wait for the official release.