Xiaomi Support Thread


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Does anyone can help me? I am very new to MacroDroid and I am not using it to do large tasks. I used to do very simple tasks like auto silent, but the main problem is the app is malfunctioning. I mean, it will not make the phone silent in the morning and works fine at other times. I don't know what happened. I checked it every time, it's saying that enabled the MacroDroid accessibility services ,

even though I allowed all the accessibility settings. I observed that the setting is typically on, but in the subtext, it's saying "not working properly." Not only in MacroDroid accessibility, but I also saw the same thing in the accessibility settings of Bitwarden. Also, for your information, I am using MI10i mobile with Android 12 and MIUI 14.


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Hey, I'm on a rooted Poco X6 Pro and I don't receive anymore webhooks. I haven't changed anything in my configuration in the last 24 hours and I used to receive messages successfully.

I also created a bug report


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My phone asks me for this permission from time to time even though i have granted adb permission READ_LOGS. Does someone know how to fix this? TIA1000003327.jpg