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Can anyone solve my anti-shutdown pblm .The error is failed to start constraints


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I'm running a galaxy a01q 16g no root device with macrodroid.
Horrible Streaming and storage capabilities.
What would be the most efficient plugins and or macros to solve the issues of Streaming and external storage space?
MacroDroid can do a lot, but I am not sure if it's able to fix these things. What you mean exactly by "Horrible Streaming and storage capabilities"?
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Alcides Dias
I installed this excellent app with the intention of using phrases when connecting and disconnecting the charger. my sansung device (i have an S8), whenever i put the charger on, a type of moving disc appears on the screen, with the percentage of the battery. this prevents me from using the phrase feature of the app. How can I disable this function of the S8?
Sorry but this is something I know very little about, so I can't help with this.
Android 12 adds double tap back gesture and of course "launch shortcut" option isn't availible, so you can do only some basic static stuff. Hope they will add more. At least assistant can be alternatively used as a trigger.

Seems like open app actions has been added and shortcut with it.
I get a blank screen.../
Jacob L
Jacob L
The browser needs permission to open external apps. You can search the MacroDroid store for ID=5356 to find the correct one
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je suis dans la création d'une macro qui lorsque j'étins l'écran ou inversement une notification vocale me dit et s'inscrit, "SALUT OLIVIER" ET À L'EXTINCTION " À BIENTÔT OLIVIER" MAIS ÉCRAN ÉTEINT CA NE S'INSCRIT PAS TOUJOURS. POURQUOI ?Capture d'écrans_20210421-191836.png
Jacob L
Jacob L will help
Don't forget to put a star on the macros you like, it shows appreciation to the macro maker and to Jamie (MacroDroid developer)
I am in my final year studying at UCLan. I am developing a Heatmap tool. In order to make the tool useful and effective, I have to perform what's call Requirement Elicitation, I am running a survey as part of this phase. I would be grateful to those who fill this in for me. It is all anonymous and has been through the ethics board at UCLan.

Thank you, Stay safe!