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Background App Killing

Huawei devices typically have one or more aggressive battery saving features that can prevent apps such as MacroDroid from correctly functioning. In order to prevent the MacroDroid background process being killed it is necessary to configure your device appropriately to disable this app killing functionality.

Great information can be found here:

Please read through this site in detail and try to follow the guide as closely as possible to prevent background app killing.

Bluetooth user prompt

Huawei for some reason have decided that apps should not be allowed to enable Bluetooth from the background so some Huawei devices will always prompt you when attempting to use the SetBluetooth action. This is not something that can be disabled in the setting as far as I know, so the only known workaround is to use the UI Interaction action to fake the button press to confirm the action. This can of course never work when the device's screen is off.

Other Huawei issues

Please use this thread to report and discuss other Huawei specific issues that you believe are related only to Huawei devices.


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Have you done everything as described on

Are you able to provide any more diagnostic information about what exactly happens. For example what macro do you have configured, is it the trigger that ceases to fire or do the UI Interaction actions just no longer work. Is there any information in your system log?


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Today I killed also the PowerGenie with ADB, I will wrote again in a few Days.

Trigger "Screen Unlocked" with constaints
Airplane Mode disabled
WiFi Enabled

Airplane Mode On
Expand Status Bar
Wait 5 Seconds
UI Interaction Click 145,370
Wait 250 ms
UI interaction Click 340,370
Wait 250 ms
Collapse Status Bar

After some Days the UI interaction does not work anymore, I can't see any error in the Log and the Macro are firing cause the Status Bar expand

I tried also the App AutoInput, but when the Macrodroid UI interaction don't work, AutoInput also not working, maybe it is a Android Bug or some external Service crashed? Don't know is there a accessibility Service or how does the UI interaction working? After Device reboot it worked again for a few Days.

I hope you could understand me, my English is not so good
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Sounds like you need to disable UI interaction accessibility and enable it again. Once variables become a thing in system setting action then I'll build a macro to help you


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it looks like that the problem with the UI interaction only happens if you using x.y.-position for the click.

I using now text content for clicking and that works now 2 days without any problems, I hope that keep up