Running Macrodroid on Fire TV Cube


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Hello all,

I'm helping make life easier for a disabled gentleman who has very little use of his hands. He has a Fire TV Cube, which has Alexa built-in and he can navigate and do most things one can do with a physical remote, with his voice. However, it is very tedious. I'd love to set up some macros that would allow us to string a whole bunch of commands together - and I thought Macrodroid would be just the ticket. After all, Fire OS is a bastardized version of Android.

I got a version of Macrodroid side loaded onto the Fire TV Cube via a USB thumb drive - the version is 5.44.8 - Arm v7a apk.

It completed the installation fine, but when I run Macrodroid on the Fire TV Cube, I just get the option to toggle between four splash screens "Macrodroid", "Triggers", "Actions", and "Constraints" by using the left and right buttons on the remote. I'm convinced the issue has something to do with screen resolution (as it flips from portrait to landscape on the big screen). There appears to be no way to select/click that right-arrow button on the lower right-hand part of the screen to open up the main Macrodroid page.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get around this?

Thanks in advance.


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