'show over other apps' option block adding data with other apps


Hey thee.

I have issues with the option 'show over other apps'.
I've always had it enabled for MD, but now I see that if I try adding an event in my calendar from a widget ('Your Calendar Widget' app), I get an error saying another app is blocking the screen.
If I disable that option for MD, I can save a new event.
If I don't remember wrong, I had the same issue when adding a credit card on my google wallet.
Is ther a way for fixing it?
Or a way for disabling/enabling that option with MD, so I can disable it when I open a specific app?



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I have the same problem when granting permissions in Chrome, it likely is to prevent another app from mimicking the app you're trying to input in and for example get your credit card info.


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I'm not sure but when enable/disable "Appear on top" it sends out a broadcast intent? Can an intent change a system setting??