Spotify Integration is not allowed


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As some may know, I've been fighting against issues with Spotify authentication not working in the app. It turns out the reason is because any app that has some kind of monetization is apparently not allowed to interact with the sacred Spotify service. So my choices are to remove all monetisation from MacroDroid or remove the Spotify integration. This is one of the most stupid things I have come across in all the years I've been developing this app.

With this in mind I will be removing all Spotify integration in the next update and screw them.....

When using the Spotify open platform, there are Developer Terms and Developer Policies that must be followed.
One part of the Developer Policy covers restrictions in combining a monetization with an application that is using streaming or app-remote-control (equivalent to streaming). This part of the Policy can be found here.

This means that you are allowed to use the iOS SDK, Android SDK and Web Playback SDK as long as you do not monetize your application (i.e. offer paid subscriptions etc.). In your initial submission that was granted an extended quota, you stated that your application is commercial. Therefore we will not be able to support both audio playback control functionality and commercial intentions.
However, you are allowed to use the Android SDKs if you remove the commercial aspects of your application.

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If this option was released as a free add-on (or plugin) could it be accepted?

I don't need it, I don't use Spotify


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I'm having trouble logging into Spotify through the app. Google is telling me that the browser is not secure. I've tried multiple times, but I keep getting the same error.