Android 15 could ruin the notification trigger


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I guess I am not updating to android 15 then... 🤷‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
How nice of them that they are keep thinking about our security


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i am not that fan either, but i like that they will prevent hijacking.

its pity that you won't be allowed to tick the security measurements on your own risks. atleast hiding it in the devmode, but it seems to be like a root topic in future.

lets see what the future will bring.


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If I was Google I'd pass this into some Play Store approval thing like the all files access (but that won't apply to external apps unless you deny install) which would be good but also a total nightmare ooooooor they could make it so that you need to grant using ADB.


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It's too early to say but I don't think it will stop the notification trigger working in most scenarios but only restrict access to notifications taht are flagged as 'sensitive notifications'.

It's unclear exactly what a sensitive notification is but hopefully it will only be used for 2FA type stuff. Of course this will break any macros used for this kind of thing but I'm guessing this will only be a tiny percentage of usage.