New translation site up and running


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I have now setup a new translation site for MacroDroid on the site

I've spend a lot of time looking at alternatives (most of which are eye wateringly expensive due to the large number of words) and I've been playing around trying to host my own translation service (which takes too much of my time and the results are not looking good). This site seems to be the best compromise between minimizing my effort, adequate functionality and a great value service. I've used this service before when working on apps such as SnoreLab, SnoreGym and SleepWave and it done the job well enough. Furthermore it's created by one person who responds quickly to queries and seems very dedicated to the service and it's users.

I'd like to get some users up and running to try it out. Unfortunately there is no way to sign up directly so if you'd like to contribute please drop me an email at stating you'd like to sign up to the translation service which language you would like to be added to and I will get invites out via the site as soon as I can.

I will also send out a few invites directly to some well known translators who may or may not read this message to try and get some initial feedback.


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Happy that you found an alternative !
I'll send an email when I can but I lost connection to my account on this device.