Trigger not working (locked / screen off)


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Hello together!

I am new to Macrodroid and recently purchased a Gigaset GX6 that is running Android 12 with the ADB hacks.
I made myself a simple macro that tells me the time when I shake the device. This works fine, but only when the screen is turned on.
An alternative would be to query the function key that the device has on the left side. How can I do that?

Thanks a lot for your help!


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Thanks for that hint. But I guess I need another trigger then, because this option might result in high battery consumption.
You can use another trigger, but first, you could try activating that option for a day and checking how much MacroDroid has drained the battery. This may or may not be an acceptable percentage, depending on your needs


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Well, the manufacturer's Android can query the status of the left function key. However, you can only do a little there with "single click"", "double click" and "long hold".
How can I read out this key for my own purposes?

Can I get a list of all available variables and their value types via ADB, with which the system works?


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Thank you very much, so I found the solution:

There is a system component smartlinkkey which e.g. outputs the string MSG_SMART_LINK_KEY_SINGLE_CLICK which works as a trigger.
Also I found the keycode 301 of the hardware button.

Is the status of the keycode 301 also readable via the system variables?


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