V5.33 - Feedback


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Oh dear, looks like it works for the x location but I screwed something up for the y location. Fix incoming....
I didn't check the X and Y positions separately. I just copied the global variables into local ones and it worked.

Thanks for a really great program!


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I also have an issue with UI click not working with variables (it just clicks [0,0] instead). I found it is because the variables I created were Decimals, which it seems UI click can no longer use properly. When I changed all of my variables to Integers, they work for x and y. Would you be able to revert UI click to work with decimals, or have you already in the beta updates? I'm on 5.33.8


Moderator (& bug finder :D)
It's not fixed in the latest beta. The dev made a change on variables in UI Interaction so it's most likely a bug.
Please report the bug via the report bug button in the troubleshooting section.